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Sound Healing

Raise your vibration

Sound healing is an ancient practice that uses different musical implements to create healing vibrations around the body. 

These vibrations, bring harmony through oscillation and resonance. This helps restore your body's balance which in turn helps you heal. 

Quartz crystal bowls, tuning forks and music are played to help restore and align the energy field. 

Always included in Reiki and can be added to 60 or 90 mins massage therapy sessions.  

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“A person does not hear sound only through the ears; he hears sound through every pore of the body. It permeates the entire being, and according to its particular influence, either slows or quickens the rhythm of the blood circulation; it either awakens or soothes the nervous system.
It arouses a person to greater passions or it calms him by bringing him peace. According to the sound and its influence a certain effect is produced ... Sound becomes visible in the form of radiance. This shows that the same energy which goes into the form of sound before being visible is absorbed by the physical body. In that way the physical body recuperates and becomes charged with new magnetism. ”

Hazrat Inayat Khan

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