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What can it do for you?

By taking back control of your breath, you can start to change your physiology, restore balance to your nervous system and reclaim the life you once had. 

Breathwork can help you regulate your emotions, overcome anxiety, panic attacks, and PTSD.

It can lower blood pressure, improve diabetic symptoms, alleviate depression, and can help with asthma and the management of migraines and chronic pain.


Breathwork Session

What to expect

Breathwork sessions can be done either in a group setting or 1 on 1, in person or virtually. Usually the participant will be lying on their back in a comfortable position, the breathwork facilitator will guide them through a series of breathing exercises to help balance the nervous system and return equilibrium to their neurophysiology.  

The sessions are specifically curated to the participants needs and goals. Breathwork sessions are always conducted in a safe space where the participant can feel free to express whatever they feel and where they are fully supported.

During a session you will most likely have an array of emotions brought up to the surface. These emotions could be coming up from past memories or traumatic experiences. It is safe to allow these emotions to be felt. It is important to feel them in order to acknowledge their impact and to let them release from the mind and body. The participant is always in control of the session and can adjust their breathing according to how they want to proceed. 

During a breathwork session you may have some physical symptoms occur, such as; lightheadedness, tingling in hands or feet, heaviness in the body, muscle spasms, increase in heart rate or feeling cold. These symptoms are simply due to the changes in physiology during the session and will return to normal shortly after the breathwork is completed.

Time will be allotted after the session to integrate, process and reflect on what came up during the session.  Take home information and techniques will be supplied for ongoing support. 

Meditate at the beach

Baha-ud-Din Naqshband Bukhari

‘The more that one is able to be conscious of one’s breathing, the stronger is one’s inner life.’

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